Perform Analysis 10x Faster at a Fraction of the Cost-2

Comparative analyzes your entire dataset and removes 99% of the noise so anyone on your team can identify the key factors driving changes in company metrics in just a few clicks.

One dashboard, a few clicks, comprehensive answers.

Why Did Conversions Drop?

Finding answers usually involves slow and expensive querying, filtering dozens of dashboards, and never-ending analysis backlogs.

Data analysis shouldn’t be that hard. With Comparative, it’s not.


Get immediate answers in a single, easy to understand dashboard that anyone on your team can use.


Analyze data from all of your data sources, data warehouses, and BI tools to ensure nothing gets missed.


Navigate your data in real time so you can take immediate action and optimize your revenue, churn, and customer behavior.


Reduce time and cost of analysis by removing manual work and slow and expensive querying.

This is a significant step up from modern BI tools and the new generation of analytics.

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"Comparative feels like magic. I have never seen an analytics tool deliver the level of depth of insights so quickly and with such simplicity. Everyone on our team is now an analyst.

I feel like we just tapped into a massive competitive advantage in understanding and optimizing our business. "

Ashley Higgins CEO of Product Hunt